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Sustainable Plantations

Investing in the future of local communities and the environment


We are committed to revitalising unproductive palm oil plantations and developing new ones, helping to meet Nigerian palm oil requirements in line with the Government’s Agricultural Transformation Agenda.

We are investing in skills development; infrastructure and education; and the creation of new markets and income for small-scale palm oil farmers. We are also training local farmers in modern farming techniques to help improve the yield and quality of their crop.

Our team of managers and staff are dedicated to achieve the highest operating standards for our plantations, adopt best management practices and ensure that we operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

We have already prepared more than two million seeds for planting, carefully chosen to meet Nigerian climate and soil conditions. We expect to see significant fruit harvests in five to seven years’ time which will help address Nigeria’s palm oil shortfall.

Helping to build a sustainable future for palm oil in Nigeria