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High-Quality Products

Delivering quality Nigerian products at an affordable price

Our hygienically produced cooking oils are sold under the Mamador and Devon King’s brands in tamper-proof packaging, giving consumers confidence that they are getting the safest, freshest and best quality products available.

Both Mamador and Devon King’s are fast-moving Nigerian products supported by an effective supply chain. Domestic production and our wide range of pack sizes guarantee quality and freshness at an affordable price.

Devon Kings Logo

Devon King’s cooking oil is a quality cooking oil that has been imported into Nigeria for over half a century.

A trusted brand for consumers. While staying true to its heritage, PZ Wilmar has added more value to King’s oil as it is now locally produced in Nigeria. Devon King’s cooking oil is fresher than ever before, more affordable and comes in a wide range of pack sizes so that no matter what your need is, you have options to choose from. Devon King’s cooking oil is the quality alternative to adulterated (loose) & imported oil and it offers the best value for money. Devon King’s Cooking Margarine was launched in 2018. It is popular for Baking, Cooking, Frying and Spreading and is a great source of Vitamins A and D. Devon King’s Cooking Margarine offers a fluffier texture, a buttery taste, unmatched quality and freshness as the only Margarine made in Nigeria.

Devon Kings cooking margerine

Mamador logo

Mamador range of quality products inspires great tasty nourishing meals that bring families together.

Mamador Seasoning cube is made from a carefully thought out selection of spice flavours to add that rich taste in your meals. It is the seasoning cube of choice for millions of homes across Nigeria and it is preferred for its healthy nutritious flavour. Mamador Light Fat Spread delivers great taste in your mouth and provides essential nutrition to your body every time you eat it. It is rich in 7 essential vitamins and energy, a source of Vitamin B6 & B12, A, D,E and Folic acid and Niacin which is ideal for a healthy and balanced diet. It is very easy to spread, has a rich creamy buttery taste and is cholesterol and trans fat-free. Mamador cooking oil is great for heart health and tasty meals. It is cholesterol-free and contains Omega 6 & 9 proven to keep the heart healthy. It is triple filtered to deliver superior golden colour and ensure removal of all impurities thus 100% Pure.

Helping to build a sustainable future for palm oil in Nigeria